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Our 100% satisfaction guarantee ensures that every customer gets what they order and within a reliable time period. Purchased products should meet customer satisfaction or it can be returned for a replacement or refund..

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Because we are dedicated to providing our clients with the best services. We have experienced agents who are available to answers all your questions. With our Live chat and hotline, you can contact us directly..


Brazil China Frozen Food is dedicated to providing our clients with the highest standard products in the markets. We manufacturers both Locally and international so as to provide the best of products and services.


Brazil China Frozen Food has been a major force in the Ukraine economy since date of its establishment. Prime Metro Mart, is a leading wholesale frozen chicken, Pork and Beef exporter and distributor in Ukraine and the World at large with major shares of the market for all its products. It is proud to have gained the confidence of the market through consistency, quality, stability, affordable pricing and excellent service. The Brazil China Frozen Food is a clear market leader in the wholesale of frozen Pork & Beef products in Ukraine, and is growing substantially each year especially after 2002. Prime Metro Mart Exports frozen and chilled products and distributes them through its subsidiaries, wholesalers, retailers, and major Super Market, Hyper Market, hotels and restaurants throughout Ukraine and worldwide.</p> <p>As a leader in our industry, we have always worked to develop advanced technology and innovative methods.


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–  We have a wide range of products; all cannot be advertised online.In case you did not find what you are looking for, please leave us message through email . Then we will let you know if it is available.

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